Would YOU Live On Campus?

If cultural immersion and a school-life / private-life balance is on your radar, living on campus is probably off the table. On the other hand, for those seeking a ready-made social life, on-campus living might be be a welcomed addition to your teaching Contract.

Every school, every location is unique. The reason for required on-campus living will vary. Schools located in less than democratic societies have been suspected of requiring teachers to live on campus as a form of control. In severely economically depressed parts of the world, on-campus living could be the safe option. No matter why on-campus living is required, due diligence is imperative before making a commitment.

An ISR Member asks: “Anybody willing to share their experience living in on-campus staff accommodations? The school I’m considering posted a video on YouTube. It looks like you are literally trapped: no balcony, staff living above, below, and next to you. As a family, having our own space to relax and unwind is important. Staff around us 24/7 could feel like living in a prison.

“There is no option at this time for a housing allowance. This will change as more staff join and on-campus accommodations become less available. However, all the old staff would get the first choice when the opportunity to move off campus presents itself — which I can understand and agree to.

“It would be great to hear from people who have experienced living on-campus and find out about the plus and minuses of the experience. If you could name the school that would be helpful.”

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