Get Ready to Move Overseas


With a successful recruiting fair under your belt it’s time to head overseas. But not so fast! There are loads of loose ends to tie up before departure time, some of which border on the ‘impossible to accomplish’ list once you’ve left home.

We’re all well aware that an overseas move is far-&-away more complex than just planning for a 2-week vacation. Still, many an International Educator has landed on foreign soil only to realize they failed to make adequate arrangements for managing their home-based responsibilities from afar. Two years away from home demands planning, & neglecting to do so can carry some hefty consequences. I lost my house through a snail mail forwarding snafu! It was a lesson hard learned. But rest assured: Disasters can be avoided with proper planning.

We all take daily commitments & responsibilities for granted such as our car, house, pets, student loans, credit card/mortgage payments, taxes, health insurance, utility bills, cable, internet/mobile phone contracts, medications & health care, getting cash from ATMs & keeping in touch with aging parents/grandparents who perhaps don’t text. If you’ve ever tried to manage any of these from out-of-country, you quickly learned “it ain’t easy”, especially with the recent regulation of financial institutions in an effort to prevent international money laundering–just try making changes to your U.S. bank account or mortgage payment from Egypt!

Beyond the sheer logistics of managing the specifics of daily responsibilities from a distance, some educators must take into account a new addition to the family while overseas. Parenting/adopting as a single person &/or parenting a special needs child are all-important elements of our lives to consider & plan for well in advance.

Over the years ISR has created many Articles & Blogs populated with the Comments of experienced International Educators who’ve transposed their lives to overseas locales. We invite you to visit the ISR Articles & Information Archives where you’ll find Articles & Blogs related to just about every aspect of making the leap into overseas living. We know you’ll agree: There’s much to be learned from those who have gone before.

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