Director Writes Own Review, Then Asks ISR Why He’s Named as Author

After writing and submitting a glowing Review of his school, Bill Fishbone, school Director, panicked. “Why is my name visible at the top of my Review? This isn’t good!”

Believing ISR had taken the liberty of designating him as the author of his own Review, Bill wrote to ISR: “Hey guys! I thought all reviews were submitted anonymously. Why is my name included with the review I wrote?”

All ISR Reviews ARE submitted anonymously and ISR guarantees your anonymity. Bill, however, deeply immersed in attempting to lure teachers to his sub-par school, didn’t realize his name appeared simply because he is the Director named in the Review, and not because he wrote it. Bill had revealed his true colors, true to Comments made about him in previous Reviews.


Bill Fishbone is not his real name, of course, but the incident is entirely real. Fortunately, ISR has a warning system in place for the Bill Fishbones of the International teaching world. When you see the words Who Wrote This Review? you can be sure something ain’t right and that further investigation on your part is in order. (Click link for more information)

Occasionally a teacher will write ISR to ask: “Why are so many directors writing reviews of their schools?”  We then explain that the Director’s name appears next to the dates covered because they are the named administrator in charge during the period covered by the Review. We thought it was obvious, but maybe not.

To avoid further confusion, we decided to clarify the meaning of data that appears along with ISR School Reviews. To do so we created a page that we hope explains everything. See our Guide to Reading School Reviews

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