New Head Asks Teachers to Evaluate Colleagues

The following comments recently appeared on the ISR Open Forum. We find the content worrisome and thought to share these comments with the greater International Schools Review Community. Your reaction is invited.

(From the ISR Open Forum)

Identifying Good Teachers & Bad Teachers

by Doctor » Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:48 pm

“I would like to get some feedback from other IS teachers about a question our new head of school has asked.

I’m working at a school in Asia which has been going through some turmoil over the last 2 years. We have gone through 3 heads, and a new head has been appointed for this school year. We are losing students and the projection is that only 75% of our current student body will be returning.

Even before his tenure began, the new head of school paid a visit to the school. He met with the foreign-hire staff and asked us to respond to 2 questions:

Q1. What is good about the school and what is bad about the school?
Q2. Name 3 teachers whom have had a positive effect on the school and name 3 teachers who have not lived up to expectations.

I’d like feedback on the second part of the second question.

I should add, other than that question, everything about the new head is fine: experienced, articulate, professional, but the “name 3 bad teachers” question is really worrying me especially since this is a country that takes all contracts with a grain of salt. It honestly seems inappropriate and the beginnings of a witch hunt.”

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