Sycophants, Brown-Nosers & Snitches

Full of compliments, wheedling for information & eager to use you for their own end, sycophants, brown- nosers & a snitches have one thing in common: They’re not your friend, & given the chance, can prove quite detrimental to your emotional & professional well-being at your current school & beyond.

The aforementioned species of teacher is easily spotted. They compliment admin no end at faculty meetings. They pump you for information when they just happen to run into you in the hall. They have their noses where they don’t belong. They’re the self-appointed eyes & ears of admin, reporting all they see/hear back to their “master.” Members of this species may even enjoy favored teacher status, chumming around with their Director or Principal who have been known to send them out on “spy missions” like so many minions. Sadly, instances of this are well documented in ISR School Reviews.

My last school had its share of sycophants, brown-nosers & snitches who hung out with the Director. A member of this group unfortunately had it in for an outstanding teacher & filled the Director’s ear with gossip & half-truths. Sadly, the Director encouraged & rewarded the ‘snitch.’ Soon the situation led to a conference where differences of opinion quickly escalated into an ugly situation. The targeted teacher was soon thereafter drummed out of the school.

The question is: How do YOU deal with sycophants, brown-nosers & snitches? If they are supported by a weak, suspicious administrator it can be a particularly delicate situation. Short of isolating yourself in your classroom, how do YOU rise above this situation?

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