How Recruiting Fairs Fared in Our Survey

     ISR wanted to know if the trend away from Recruiting Fairs has been growing since our 2013 Survey. Our most recent Survey reveals that YES, there appears to be a significant shift away from brick and mortar venues, and an increased reliance on the internet as the preferred recruiting method.

It’s no secret that more than one recruiting agency is currently in the process of implementing virtual fairs. Apparently they have seen the writing on the wall, so to speak.


   The way we see it is this: About 17% fewer candidates attended Fairs as compared to 2013. This equates to nearly a full 50% of respondents opting to avoid Recruiting Fairs. Of those who did attend Fairs, fewer candidates said the Fair was not beneficial. Does this mean it’s possible that with less teachers attending Fairs, those that DO attend receive an increased level of attention?

Of course, there is a variety of ways to interpret data. Our interpretation is that physical Recruiting Fairs are becoming a secondary method of recruiting. What’s your take on the survey results?

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Teachers Comment on Recruiting Fairs

We originally invited teachers to tell us what they thought could be done to alleviate the problem of schools filling advertised positions prior to recruiting fairs. Our query brought a wealth of comments on this topic and recruiting fairs in general.   This lead us to change the title of this blog and open it to a general discussion on recruiting fairs. Have something to add?