Gag Order: Silence Isn’t Golden at Our School

At Monday’s faculty meeting our school director gave us his anticipated, well-worn pep talk on what a great school we have and how lucky we should feel to be here. He started off with the usual dribble we’ve come to expect from this “educational specialist” who doesn’t have a college education but money enough to own a “school.” Today’s discourse was, however, startlingly different.

He stressed that, our school supports freedom of speech. And yes, the school encourages teachers to speak the truth, but NO!… not on ISR…..which he claimed is nothing more than a pack of lies from disgruntled losers. He went on to warn us that teachers suspected of reviewing our wonderful bastion of learning on ISR would be fired and duly prosecuted to the full extent that the laws of the country provide. End of discussion!! He had imposed a gag order. My hunch was a new review of the school had been posted.

When I joined ISR some years ago I was perplexed why various schools had reviews no more recent than three or four years back. Why hadn’t more up-to-date reviews been posted? Did things suddenly get better? Unhappy teachers do tend to be more motivated to post reviews than contented teachers. After Friday’s faculty meeting I’m certain that when reviews of a school suddenly stop, it may be a sign something is wrong. Thirty-two reviews and then Nothing? I get it now!

I’m gearing up to go recruiting this recruiting season and leave this “school” behind. I’m tired of rich parents who negotiate top grades for their lazy kids. I’m tired of being considered another form of servant by students/parents and admin. Most of all, I don’t like compromising my sense of right and wrong for a paycheck. Will I be posting a review? You can bet I will, when I’m safely away.


Keeping quiet for now

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