Parking Your Pets for the Summer

  Dogs and cats make awesome pets and often become our most trusted, cherished companions. When you’re thousands of miles from home and loved ones while living/teaching overseas, a loving pet is truly comforting. A pet owner might say, “My dog/cat is my rock!”

When school’s in session our 4-legged friends are fine spending the day at home with the maid. She refills the water and feed bowls, opens and closes the door to the back yard, and in general can keep our pets from becoming lonely.

Summer vacations do, however, pose a dilemma. Should you take your fury friends with you on a trip back to your home of record, or maybe even on an expedition to a neighboring country? International travel with pets can require quarantine, and airline regulations can certainly be tough to work around. Or, do you leave him behind under the care of your maid?

Have you ever witnessed your maid pat or engage your pet in play? If not, chances are, that’s not going to change in your absence. Unfortunately, not every society elevates dogs and cats to “family member” status they’ve earned in the West. Some groups see dogs and cats as dirty, vile creatures, not to be touched. In Venezuela, for example, what looks like a pet to you or I can end up on a dinner plate due to the dire economic and hunger tragedies currently unfolding.

If you’ve brought your cat or dog to such a place you’ll want to take the utmost caution in deciding on the best situation for your pet during the summer months. Do your homework before you set out with your pet in tow!

ISR asks: What has your experience been owning a pet overseas? 

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