Be an ISR Guest Writer

ISR is inviting all International Educators to ‘Guest Author’ an ISR Discussion Topic. Have an observation, a complaint, a concern or theory on teaching abroad that you’d like to bring to others’ attention? Your topic is entirely up to YOU and can be as personal or far-reaching as you’d like. This is the place to highlight your voice, be heard and instigate a worldwide discussion based on your thoughts and writing!

If you’re not familiar with ISR Discussion Topics, here’s an Example. Notice, more than 114 ISR readers commented on and enhanced this Guest Author’s view point!

A few simple Guidelines:

To get started, compose a short synopsis (2-3 sentences) about your Discussion Topic. Send it to: Of course, not all Discussions will fit our ISR format but we will let you know right away if you should proceed to submit your complete Article for publication. ISR hopes to continue this feature, so some submitted Topics may be used, with your permission, in future ISR publications. More than one submission may be submitted per person, each with a separate synopsis, please.

Completed Article submissions should be 350 words or less — short and to the point.

Address only a single point of concern/interest per Article submission, please.

Choose to remain anonymous or opt to have your name appear with your Article’s publication.

As a small thank you for your published Article, you’ll receive a fresh one-year membership to ISR, or an extension to your existing membership.

We look forward to YOUR participation!

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