Returning or Moving On — Your Must-Do List

If you’re returning to your current school after summer break, a score of tasks are on the horizon. As if final exams and report cards were not enough, there’s a zillion things that need to be done prior to departure. Between completing tedious classroom inventories, equipment/materials return and preparing your room for potential maintenance crews, … Continue reading Returning or Moving On — Your Must-Do List

Does Teaching Overseas Help or Hurt Your Career?

With the current academic year underway, many international schools will soon be asking teachers to declare if they intend to stay for the upcoming 2014-15 school year, or plan to move on. Moving on can mean staying in the international circuit and advancing to a new school, or returning home to teach. From my perspective … Continue reading Does Teaching Overseas Help or Hurt Your Career?

Help with International Shipping

 It’s been our experience that shipping agents, used-car salesmen and politicians have one description in common: ‘If they’re breathing, they’re probably concealing something from us.” Shipping companies are particularly dangerous because once they have your precious, personal belongings in their “care”, they will hold them hostage until you pay all additional, trumped up charges. Everyone … Continue reading Help with International Shipping