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Blogging is now the preferred medium of International Educators for sharing overseas travel and teaching adventures with friends and family. With plenty of space for commentary, Blogs also provide ample room for photos, and even home-made video clips. Best of all, Blogs are designed for interaction between reader and Blog owner. Taking just minutes to set up a personal Blog, it’s small wonder Blogging has become so popular among international educators.

Blogs are actually more than a great way to share experiences with folks back home and can be of tremendous value to other International Teachers, especially those new to the international teaching adventure and looking for information. Reading about the experiences of overseas educators, particularly those in a region we may be considering for our next career move, helps immensely with the decision-making process.

International Teachers’ Blogs usually provide a first-hand look at what life is really like in various locations. A family Blog displaying a rewarding time for both parents and children can signal a family-friendly location. Photos strictly of fern and fauna may point to little available cultural activity. But, the real beauty of a Blog is that we can ask questions of the Blog owner, who can then personalize the information just for us.

We invite you to join us on My Favorite International Teacher Blog to share information about, and links to, Blogs of interest to International Educators.

23 thoughts on “My Favorite International Teacher Blog

  1. I’d highly recommend this blog, especially if you’re thinking of teaching in Egypt:

    The blog was/is called Expats Slowly Roasting. it was written over the course of about four years. It begins in 2004 with a the bloggers’ marriage just before moving to Egypt. And then the excitement of moving to Cairo. Then the brutal reality of teaching at a for profit school in that country. (With lots of good times thrown in along the way.) Two years later in 2006 the couple were victims of a suicide bombing in Dahab. The blog gets a bit dark, covering their slow recovery from horrible injuries, and finally their separation.


  2. Always enjoy reading about International Teacher’s activities and experiences.Moving around the region and in the same time teach and learn from different culture among the countries.

    Oscar Sea,


  3. I love reading my good friend, Sharon’s blog:

    She and her husband have taught overseas for over 12 years at 4 schools throughout Asia, and love thoroughly exploring the countries they live in. Sharon’s posts are filled with pictures and a real sense of what it’s like to teach overseas.


    1. I totally agree! I really enjoy her blog; it’s entertaining and informative and I look forward to each new entry… call me a fan.:)


    2. Thanks! And I love getting transported to Oman by YOUR blog, Jacq! Check it out, folks:

      Blogs are such a fantastic way for all of us international teachers to get the scoop on countries and schools before we commit to jobs. Happy blogging!


    3. Sharon, I just found your blog through this site, and I LOOOVE it. I hope to teach at AES as well – I have a few years before we will be ready to leave the US, though. I envy you, and I adore your positive, adventurous spirit!


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