Host City Hidden Treasures

As world-traveling international educators, moving on to a new location introduces us to the special features that make our host city unique, that make it a definite must-see, must-experience kind of place. Whether it’s the boisterous beer (!) festivals of Germany, the delightful art & handicrafts of Indonesia, the world-class shopping experience of the Middle East, or the gastronomical delights of India, there is a special something about where YOU live that makes you say to others “You just have to come here for the ____.”

Sometimes what makes a country appealing can be surprising:  Thailand and Mexico are known for their affordable dental care. Costa Rica is gaining a reputation for reasonably priced orthopedic surgery. Africa and Central America are a draw for people who enjoy ‘voluntourism.’ India and Nepal appeal to Yoga & meditation enthusiasts.

We can all read travel magazines and blogs to hear the party-line about what makes a city great, but the insight of our fellow international educators can really give us the inside scoop on why a location, YOUR location, stands out as a “hidden treasure.”

..ISR would like to know:  What are the five-star features that make YOUR host city worth a visit?

5 thoughts on “Host City Hidden Treasures

  1. In Changsha, China it was the wonderful people. Always friendly and helpful with a great sense of humor. Also, the food. It’s very spicy, but absolutely delicious!


  2. Unspoiled and uncommercialized natural beauty in the Dhofar region of southern Oman in the Middle East. After my day at school, I can walk along a clean sandy beach and watch flamingos and dolphins while the sun sets over the mountains in the distance. Banana, coconut and papaya plantations are found throughout our city. You can snorkel and scuba dive, and watch sea turtles lay their eggs nearby. You can camp on beaches or in the desert every weekend if you wish. It’s like perpetually being on a tropical vacation.


  3. Interesting topic. In Ecuador I found great dental at a very reasonable price. My friend had a face lift for a fraction of the cost in the US. In Thailand there was excellent medical. In Romania I found a great club scene with outstanding blues bands and inexpensive orchestral concerts


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