Colleagues Need YOUR Advice

send-a-review-iconAs International teachers, we’re ALL looking for schools that meet &/or exceed our expectations. As you know, recruiting season is on the horizon & YOUR School Review can greatly benefit colleagues in the process of researching schools for a potential upcoming career move. International Educators Keeping Each Other Informed is what International Schools Review is all about!

If you had an outstanding experience at your last school, spread the word! Or, on the flip side, remember: You know you promised yourself you’d write a School Review once safely away from that previous, not-so-good International School. Now’s the time to keep that promise!

Or, have you just settled into a new school? Why not share your first impressions on the location, the administration & the school? Your colleagues will appreciate the insight!

None of us can afford to leave our careers to chance. You don’t need to be an ISR member to share your experience, and, as always, your anonymity is guaranteed! Send a School Review