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It’s the continued support  of the International Teaching community that makes ISR possible & helps the ISR web site continually evolve into an ever more useful recruiting tool.

Do YOU have something in mind that would make a strong addition to the ISR web site? We hope you’ll take a few minutes to share your idea with us and we invite you to post your ideas anonymously on this blog. If you prefer, you can contact us directly with the option to include your email address. Teachers Keeping Each Other Informed is what International Schools Review is All About. Your support is much appreciated.

17 thoughts on “Turn Your Idea into a New ISR Web Site Feature!

  1. I would like to more about “local hire” of foreign teachers. I currently am employed at one school in Turkey as a foreign teacher and found a job at another school here for the fall. They insist on a local hire contract which has significantly fewer benefits.
    My status hasn’t changed as far as getting married or anything. I’m only here to work.


  2. Yes PLEASE one that considers singles. As a single female I am always asking people how places would be both socially and safety wise (ie getting home alone at night can be a concern if you are alone in some places and can greatly affect your life outside of school).


  3. I would like to see the following checklist added to all schools reviewed, as this would GREATLY help individuals to know where to apply.

    School is appropriate for:
    __ singles
    __ couples
    __ singles with children (single parents)
    __ couples with children
    __ same sex couples


    1. Just thought to suggestion the checklist have two options for couples. One listed with trailing spouse and one without.


  4. i think the reviews should be listed with the earliest first. Schools change, especially after the change of a head or principal, and I would like to read the most recent reviews first….



    1. I think you will find there is at least one already. I looked into it a few years ago and it was worthwhile. I also know teachers who have swapped homes, theirs in Tokyo for one in ???? (sorry not sure now). I found the website in an educational magazine, probably three to four years ago. Over the last few days, I have been trying to remember the website, but can’t. So ask around as the idea has already been taken up by someone. It is a wonderful idea for families with kids… even grandparents could spend holidays with you then!!


  5. I have a different, more off the wall idea. I wish someone (who was more business orientated than I) would set up a website where teachers could swap houses for vacation, solely within the International school community. Not just a straight swap but a buy-in idea. Imagine if you could holiday in the city of the school you were interested in and stay at the type of accommodation you would be likely to get (and maybe squeeze in a look-see of the school). House, cars, home help etc could all be part of the deal. I think, given the small world of the community that it would work and people would get a clearer idea of what/where they may be moving too OR just a good, cheap holiday! It words elsewhere so I think it could work in our community. Anyone? Anyone? 🙂


  6. I would like to see teacher retention statistics? How long do teachers remain at the school on average? What percentage convert their contracts to one year? What percentage do runners mid-year?


    1. Great idea sweetie! but who would tallie up the numbers? you and i both know school(s) who would be less than honest!

      jsidwell 🙂


  7. How about a way to rate the reviews, much like Amazon or iTunes. Members can click one of two options after reading each review stating whether they found it helpful or not. The result would be each review would have a rating like “4 out of 7 people found this review helpful”. Also, how about an average score of schools being at the top of the school’s page, subject to a minimum of 5 reviews or something.


  8. I really like all the ideas posted above. I have a couple to add that are in different categories:

    1. The changing face of job fairs seems to be causing a lot of frustration for co-workers and friends that I know who are leaving their jobs this year and looking for new ones. They feel like they are in “limbo,” as they are now being told that hiring is a year-round process instead of a “season”, that people get jobs on Skype and that buy the time the job fairs occur, it’s pointless to go as all the jobs will be gone anyway. It’s very difficult to know what to do–do people care about face-to-face meetings anymore? I think in a few years this new year-round and Skype trend will either become the norm or settle down a bit, but until then it is very tough for people to decide what approach to take to job hunting.

    2. I would also like to see a discussion on curriculum. I didn’t know that two of the schools I’ve worked in didn’t have a cohesive, complete curriculum in place when I got there, and we were told that we would be expected to write it–from scratch. And then enter the Atlas-Rubicon people who are there to “help” the school document their curriculum online. This turned out to be an enormous amount of work that was expected of all teachers on top of regular loads, and with no extra time given to do it in. And sadly, much of it seems to be for show. Teachers don’t even access Atlas to look at their “maps” because the program is so unwieldy and slow. I think that administrators need to be upfront about requiring curriculum writing as a part of a teacher’s job. This should be out on the table so that candidates can factor that into their decision-making.

    2. The


  9. I have two suggestions regarding additions to the web site features:

    a) Highlight the fact that a school accepts and supports the Bill of Rights for International Teachers.

    b) Start up a web offshoot for teachers interested in discussing and maybe even collaborating on the creation of an International Teachers’ Association or syndicate.


  10. A good idea would be if all the scores for the schools could be collated and then searched. That way you could see which school offers the best rated housing, salary, administration etc.


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